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todd hirschTodd Hirsch, currently residing in the Philippines got his start in network marketing and soon went on to develop software and became a co-owner of Cloud 2×2, a network marketing company that crashed due to schisms in the leadership.

Rocket Cash Cycler (RCCv1)

Todd went on to develop Rocket Cash Cycler (RCCv1), which was very successful and the value of the products was worth the entry fee. For some reason Todd felt the need to start another company instead of improving RCCv1. I think his philosophy was that people would “jump” companies so why not have them jump into another one of his companies. This was a good idea but the result was his neglect (not that he gave his companies much of his personal attention) of RCCv1 to work on RCCv2. As a result lots of people lost money and still have not been paid monies owed to them.


RCCv2 was not as successful as hoped now that people were already becoming wary of Todd as a person and company owner. Todd essentially neglected RCCv2 when it wasn’t a bed of roses and started looking for other opportunities and even starting, yep, another company.

Bit Coin Cycler (BCC)

Another company that Todd worked real hard on, took the money, and ran to the Philippines. Do they have an extradition law with the United States?

Todd’s Use Of His “Hard-Earned” Income

  1. Flying to Vegas from the Philippines for a fight
  2. A $500 bottle of champagne in a strip club
  3. Condos
  4. Cars
  5. Vacations

People Want Their Rightfully Earned Commissions

People may have made the choice to join a company with Todd at the helm and to lose money in a company is not uncommon but to not be paid despite the reckless use of money earned from the hard work of people in the network marketing field. This is unacceptable and action is being taken at a Federal level to put a stop to Todd’s illegal actions.

All the people want is their rightful commissions Todd. Just pay them.

Todd’s Boasting

Do You Have Something To Share?

We know this can be very emotional and you may have a lot to say but we only want facts on this site. If you are owed money you can take a screenshot of your back office or if you have an image of something else that you would like to share.  We know Todd would only take so much from someone before he would delete them from Skype and block them from his Facebook. What a sad legacy to leave his daughter.

Skype Examples (click images to enlarge them)

Here is an example of what happened when you spoke the truth against Todd in the company Skype room, ousted!It is not wrong to oust unruly members trying to recruit others into something else or engaging in some other unethical behavior, unless approved by room admin, but in this case the person speaks about getting the run-around.


Todd is basking in all his “hard work” and letting people know they should follow him into another deal. Really? Is he drunk when he comes up with these things?

todd hirsch scam


Todd made more money in one year than 98% of the rest of the world and he can’t pay commissions on money that came into the company. Why did he spend money that was not his? What did he spend it on? This is so confusing, isn’t it?

todd hirsch

Facebook Examples 

We were informed that Todd was drunk when he was writing this and interesting enough, the next morning none of it was on the Facebook wall anymore. How can some people like Kathy Keen approve and defend Todd? I suppose that is one more person to be wary of.


Why Do Most People Do Their Due Diligence After The Fact?

This report from People Verified shows that Todd Richard Hirsch has been arrested for robbery, driving under influence, possession of marijuana and others. Robbery and DUI? Stories from people that have spent personal time with Todd were shocked by his behavior with drugs, alcohol and women.

(Todd sent a comment that is below and says he was not convicted with this crime but he was charged and this is the record.)

todd hirsch

Personal Appeal To Todd

Todd, we don’t want this floating around on the Internet forever. We don’t want your family and especially Angelica to read this about her dad when she grows up. I am sure you want her to live a life that is respectable and not use your example as an excuse to live how she wants and treat people as she wants.

You can finish the story by manning up and paying people the money you owe them. Simple. Keep your promises. If you need to, sell your Rolex, properties, cars and whatever else you have amassed with your affiliate’s monies.

Are You Receiving Threatening Skypes And/Or Emails From Todd?

It has come to our attention that Todd has sent out threatening emails and Skype messages to a number of people. It is best to keep these documents so you will be able to submit them at the appropriate time.

This blog is only posting documented information and notations from people that have done business with Todd in RCCv1, RCCv2 and BCC. As stated above, we will not tolerate an emotional rampage against Todd but want documented facts in screenshots or email copy.

The people just want to get paid Todd, you say you don’t owe anyone anything but that is not true.

People Are Wondering If Todd Can Be Stopped?

There was a program a couple of years ago in which the company owner took off without paying people. An investigation was started but the man left Canada, the country where the man was from. It has been years since that happened and then we got an email from the Ontario Police Department and here is the email. It shows that when an investigation is started to protect consumer interests the government, now with amazing technology to track people, especially through passports, can detain people all over the world. Maybe it is a little Orwellian, but it does serve to protect people.




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42 thoughts on “Todd Hirsch”

    In past programs, I beleived in Todd, he is and can be very charismatic, and believable, however, numbers don’t lie, and what I mean by that is, so many trusted members in his programs, turned over in many cases their budget funds to pay bills with in the beleif that Todd was going to help them, because that is his mantra "I want to help as many people as I can". Sadly the truth is time and again by now, that Todd has not paid members for their hard work and has left them hanging out to dry , on their own, and for SO many, created financial stress on top of what they already had, not to mention all the downline they may have brought in to his Programs. Sorry Todd, but someone just handed you the "check" and its time for you to come clean, pay these people that have trusted you time and again…..YOU owe it to them! Its NOT YOUR MONEY, its THEIR’S, they earned it, pay up!

  2. From what I understand, Mr. Todd Hirsch has some rather serious personal problems he MUST deal with before even thinking of starting a business and asking others to join him! One of those being a lack of moral spine, understanding you can NOT treat your fellow human beings like this. I have a group of approx. 30 people under me who each paid $250 to his company, NOT for him to buy $500 bottles of champagne in a STRIP CLUB of all places, not for buying a $14.000 Rolex or any of that stuff, but to build his business in a honest and ethical way for the benefit of his distributors FIRST, – then when all goes well, he can buy his $14.000 Rolex etc. etc. Mr. Todd Hirsch, I am representing close to 30 people and we all want our money back!! Do’ nt even think about strip clubs or champagne, not even a lousy beer before you have paid us back!!

  3. Comrades, Ladies and Gentlemen. Everything good always gets to a threshold peak and eventually retards. We also know that everything good including life must come to an end. However, the question remains “After how long?” Well, I got to know about Rocket Cash Cycler(RCCv1) in January 2013 but joined on the 06th of April.2013 . That makes it almost 1.5yrs in RCC . During the 1st quarter of RCCv1, there was a lot of excitement as many people made $1000 , $5000 in a matter of hours. However, some of the leaders became selfish and opened so many multiple ghost-positions to maximize at the very start at the expense of others. Meanwhile, many others decided to copy the program and started their own board programs that quickly collapsed after confusing many of the RCCv1 members to follow them.

    The ‘stand-still’ of RCCv1 is greatly attributed to some of the selfish members/pioneers among other factors. Otherwise, we would still be enjoying RCCv1 and perhaps RCCv2. I also know that Todd actually did his best to pay-out money in a timely manner. Money was always instantly available for members to withdraw through several options. However, the going got much tougher when we lost many of our members to so many other programs especially Ponzi schemes like TelexFree in the 3rd quarter 2013. Well, being a young CEO, Todd tried his best to pay-out $7,000,000 . However, he too made big mistakes that led the program to remain still.

    The establishment of a twin-similar board program RCCv2, very parallel to RCCv1 was a rope-in-the-neck! In my view, RCCv2 should have been established to help improve RCCv1 but instead killed it the more. People in RCCv1 should have received RCCv2 as a Savior rather than a Killer! RCCv2 strangled RCCv1. My point here is that Todd and Admin should have listened to the views from Leaders during the drawing of RCCv2. However, the views were disregarded and thus the birth of such a biased RCCv2 that we experienced. It completely never encouraged teamwork. We actually lost most of our Top leaders who were very negative to the way RCCv2 had been drawn. These included Mr. Kent Brown, who earned Biggest next to Todd in RCCv1. Kent earned over $250,000. He was one of the leaders that made sure we had very lively skype room chats, webinars, trainings and so much more. Not only did we lose him, but also discouraged many others from getting into RCCv2, and that was very RIGHT of him.

    Well, some of us continued into RCCv2 with hopes that Todd and admin would later re-consider the plan and perhaps introduce more bonuses, REALISTIC residual-depth incomes and promotions to help people shift/upgrade from RCCv1 to RCCv2 swiftly but that was all in vain. It actually got worse when Todd committed and announced ‘ghost’ promotions and events. Todd announced 2 events; one for HAWAI-August 2014 and the other for LASVEGAS-late 2014 and also a CRUISE, but none of them ever matured! I was also a lucky ‘hard working RCC leader’ that Todd offered and promised a ‘FREE SPONSORSHIP’ to the Hawai event 2014 that actually never took place. I was one committed leader whose testimony once featured in one of the CEO’s email newsletters. He also announced monthly complicated contest well knowing that none would qualify for any of them! Indeed it was all fiction! If am not mistaken, RCCv2 never saw more than 4 training webinars by the company after launch. Lack of training sessions and webinars contributed 70% towards the fall of RCCv2. It came to a time when Julie Sylivia and I, together with a few other leaders voluntarily announced and conducted Webinars for interested parties.

    When we noticed that RCCv2 was headed for the drain and the CEO was not showing interest in holding onto it, we formulated a voluntary Leaders group of about 9 members representing almost 5 continents. This group created a private skype room and members voluntarily dedicated their time to put ideas together for the betterment of RCC. This took averagely 7days. The group agreed to ideas aimed at additions, subtractions to mainly RCCv2 and also RCCv1 to ensure a fresh and BIGGER wave of RCC. These ideas were documented into a powerpoint presentation and delivered to the CEO for consideration. Well, he acknowledged receipt and promised to consider them together with admin in a period of 3 weeks. To our shock, none of those ideas were ever brought up until we heard of a webinar announcement where the compensation plan of RCCv1 was changed for worse. The reasons given were indeed vague. Well, we thought RCCv2 was safe but shockingly, the same policies were introduced! Hardly, did we actually suspect that the company was planning the birth of RCCv3 i.e BitcoinCycler ……Wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww. For those that still had pending payouts, we received a lot of procrastinating statements for the company to effect payment. To date, the payments are still pending including more than $3500 to my team. However, I am happy to note that Todd came-out to tell the truth regarding those payments and now we expect them no-more!

    So, after this flashback, especially for those that are more than 5 months old in RCC, would you actually consider enrolling for RCCv3 (Bitcoin Cycler) which is the 3rd program that Todd has designed within 1.5yrs ? Well, some of our family still went for it because it involved Bitcoin which was the talk of the World then. Actually, 1 Bitcoin was valued at $500, then. Today, 1 Bitcoin is valued at $350 and still on the fall! If any of us is here doubles in Bitcoin Cycler (BCC), kindly share your testimony. As far as I know, my RCCv1 and RCCv2 upline who also got into Bitcoin cycler managed to cycle once at the launch of the program and that was it for him till he gave up for other commitments.

    In conclusion, RCCv1, RCCv2 are at crossroads due to actions of some members but largely due to negligence by admin later-on. We all know and appreciate that Todd thought beyond the box to present RCCv1 and RCCv2 to us and we credit him for that. We also know that everybody learns from his past mistakes/experience for perfection of future engagements. I am sure that Todd is relatively a CEO who is still learning a lot and I honestly expect better of him in future. One HUGE thing that Todd should consider revising, is his mode/tune of communication during challenging times. In not few cases, he has actually asked some leaders to ‘Go find another business or make their own’ because they have raised a concern that he’s not happy with. Award-winning CEOs actually want such people/members to be even much closer to them so that whatever seems painful to members, is easily raised and corrections put in place before the concern becomes a concern of many! There is no CEO that would want to see his baby killed in a competitive market! CEOs fight for recognitions no matter the business waves. There are always times of business boom and slow performance which CEOs learn to manage. However, Todd opted to strangle his babies to his advantage! CEOs will rarely mention their loss side like hacking attacks etc. Such drag down their credibility. Actually, in such cases, many dig into their pockets (Am glad he mentioned having considered a loan) to ensure that never happens again and even better performance because they expect to recover, anyways! CEOs have organized successful events, routine webinars and all sorts of trainings to ensure that they maintain their flock. No CEO wants to see members quitting for other business but Todd asked some leaders to, when they expressed concern. Am sure we have realized that most of our leaders who try to react to ‘issue’ related posts in our rooms end up being removed! Then how do you expect your members to express their concerns/views especially the LEADERS? Some of such Leaders like Karen, Julie , Antonite, Kayombo, Arviella of Hawai team and many more including myself, have taken flights, spent hours on roads in promoting RCC !: ! Sorry to mention, some of us have ended up answering several accusations regarding RCC at Police and Intelligence. Do not be shocked if am DELETED from this group hereafter. We have stayed in this room because we loved RCC and especially the VISION.
    Some of us are still willing to work if RCC provided certain amendments and corrections like other companies do. I will actually share about one similar company which is doing wonders after they re-considered and effected corrections.

    Ladies and gentlemen, life MUST continue and let you not give up on online/affiliate marketing business. We all learn from our past that helps us take better future decisions. Life is about learning new things every day and it never stops! I wish to thank Lorrie Trotter for having been great at communication and support, yet only one person! She hardly slept because we needed her to provide epins, forgotten passwords and usernames among many other support issues. However, she was also employed to serve and therefore was always in support of her BOSS. Debbie was on the other hand straight forward and when the inner circle got tough, she resigned. Perhaps she too gave-in ideas for better that were not welcomed and she saw the future of RCC not far from crossroads and thus resigned immediately. Thank you, Debbie.

    Our CEO Todd, we thank you for the opportunity that you voluntarily created and managed. We know that Daniel who started as your program- partner later quit (reasons not known) but we thank you for staying there to see it grow. We know that you are human and therefore not far from mistakes but let this be a lesson and at least admit for once, that the leadership/management plays a 90% role in sustainability of such programs. Learn to have many happy people first, so that their happiness and testimony can help you live a happier and longer business life there-after, rather than ensuring that you are happy at the beginning while suffocating many and thus ‘short-life’ program.

    I want to thank RCC and especially members in this chatroom who allowed me join their global circle of friends. I was able to meet Antonite and members in Tanzania, Bidemie and the Late Mr.Prince (RIP) of Nigeria, Chris and many members in Kenya, Elizabeth Biney and members in Ghana. I was also to meet Karen Hutchison and daughter from Canada in Ghana but training schedules did not allow but still hope to meet them. Unfortunately, most of them have already been removed from this room. I expected to meet many more of us in HAWAI and LASVEGAS and on the CRUISE such as Arviella, Kennon, Bro Thom, Kent Brown, Lorrie, Debbie, Todd and many more but only God planned it otherwise and perhaps it will come to pass.

    Meanwhile, I had decided never to join a board system again…

  4. I am Glad that my long circular that i posted into RCCv1 and RCCv2 Skype rooms, finally got here!!!!! NEVER EVER FOLLOW TODD HIRSCH……………………….

  5. This is a conversion i had with Todd Hirsch on my facebook messages and nothing came of it I NEVER GOT ANYTHING very disappointed.
    ((( Conversation started July 25, 2014
    Julie Wright Higgins
    7/25, 5:38pm
    Julie Wright Higgins
    Hi Todd r u the one that is in the RCC Program ?
    August 3, 2014
    Todd Hirsch
    8/3, 5:18pm
    Todd Hirsch
    Yes, I own RCC
    Julie Wright Higgins
    8/3, 5:42pm
    Julie Wright Higgins
    Ok me and my son bought into RCC and we both were promised from Dwayne K. Parsons that we get our cash out in June of last year and he would help us do so but he never did help else at all I put 315.00 in for myself & I put 315.00 in for my son I would like to get my money back it was wrong the way Dwayne presented him self can u help me with this please ?
    Julie Wright Higgins
    8/3, 8:04pm
    Julie Wright Higgins
    I know u have seen this can you please help ?
    Todd Hirsch
    8/3, 9:19pm
    Todd Hirsch
    Hi Julie. The company can not give out refunds after you already received the products. The money you paid in with went towards paying a cycle for someone above you. I don’t think it is right if your sponsor promised to do everything for you, but really you should not expect that even he he says that. It takes work and building a downline in order to earn money in MLM.
    Julie Wright Higgins
    8/3, 9:27pm
    Julie Wright Higgins
    So you have talked with Dwayne about this I take it and I really did try really hard to get others into RCC but I could not explain it very we’ll and he said he would talk to them to explain it better but he never contacted me about it and I lost the people that we’re going to sign up so I am out of 630.00 bucks over a lie from one of your workers unless I can find anyone to get into RCC ?
    Julie Wright Higgins
    8/3, 9:54pm
    Julie Wright Higgins
    ? ^. ^. ^. ^.
    Todd Hirsch
    8/3, 10:09pm
    Todd Hirsch
    Thanks, I will try figure something out to help the situation
    August 11, 2014
    Julie Wright Higgins
    8/11, 1:41pm
    Julie Wright Higgins
    August 13, 2014
    Julie Wright Higgins
    8/13, 12:12pm
    Julie Wright Higgins
    Todd was wondering if you have figured any thing out on the matter can you please let me know have a good day
    August 13, 2014
    Julie Wright Higgins
    8/13, 11:38pm
    Julie Wright Higgins
    ^ ^ Please Get Back To Me ^ ^
    August 15, 2014
    Todd Hirsch
    8/15, 11:13am
    Todd Hirsch
    hi Julie. The best I can do is give you a paid for entry in my next program coming soon, equal to the cost you paid in RCC
    I do not have funds in RCC to pay any refunds, we were hit hard bay hackers that stole over $100,000
    and the program is pretty much over now
    we are making a new cycler that works with bit coin that will be even bigger )))
    And then he posted this on his face book page yesterday and i made my comment then he blocked me from his page.
    (( Todd Hirsch
    2 hrs · Edited ·
    I got something to SAY…..
    I have to get this off my mind… (driving me nuts)
    I love my family…. I love my true friends!
    The first thing I did when I made over $500,000 in one year was help buy my parents a new house… before I bought one for myself….
    The other things I did was travel and pay for my mom to come here to the Philippines 3 times and be here as my first born daughter arrived on this earth…
    I am not trying to keep score… but I also loaned my brother $30,000 and my best friend $22,000 (my brother never told his wife he borrowed the $ from me for his new work truck from his older brother so I am supposed to keep this lie up?) shhh secret…. ???? Katie Hirsch
    To this date I have only been paid back $3000 on the $30,000 loan to my brother and only $2,000 from Brian Moody on his $22,000 loan….
    So.. I have come to realize… your friends and family will think you are made of money when you make a lot and YOU SHOULD never give BIG loans to family and friends unless it is really a GIFT or you can afford to just give the $ away.
    They will not pay you back like they should and you are not a bank and you will not get interest. So… then you look like the ASSHOLE when just trying to just get the loan paid back minus any interest…
    Sam Hirsch
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    Julie Wright Higgins That is for darn sure i have lent money out and none have really even offer to pay me back & the some one told me about RCC so i tried it and got screwed there as well payed 650.00 for me and my son and never got nothing cause they said it got hacked and lost all their money People and there scams what a shame
    7 mins · Like · 1
    I have looked it up for 6 months and i have not heard or read anything on the net and i can’t find anything were RCC was hacked. Myself everyone that Todd Hirsch works with is a very bad scammer and in my opinion he and everyone he works with on any of the marketing needs to be arrested for scamming so many people and there families. IT IS VERY VERY SAD THAT THERE IS PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT SCAM’S OTHERS ! ! ! ! 🙁

  6. Let the record be clear.

    First of all EVERYONE that made money in my programs has been PAID. The only ones not paid actually cycled from hackers coming in and putting in positions in the company that were not paid for.

    Give me a list of names of people that are legitimately owed money from me. I paid out over $7 million USD in RCC and RCCv2.

    Another point is RCCv2 was actually the idea of my former partner Daniel Butts and I did launch it after spending a lot of time and money on it and with the help of leaders.

    I did make good money also but 90% of the money was used to payout the 1000s of HAPPY RCC members. I also made money in other programs in the start of 2013 so not just from RCC.

    The criminal report is actually not accurate because I was found not guilty. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. I am sure people can relate to that. I have no felony on my record and I never will have one.

    The things I spend my money on are my business. The rolex I bought was during the time when I was also paying out over $20,000 a day to RCC members. I also helped many people make a lot of money in MLM and I am proud of my work.

    This smear campaign comes from a very negative place that I really do not understand. No one that posted is owed a payout in any of my programs. Everyone that joins my programs that earn money get paid. This blog is pointless.

    I wish you all a prosperous 2015 and more positive events in your lives. Make good karma and be honest and work hard. =)

    1. Todd, how dare you say that everyone that joins your programs that earned money gets paid! I’m still waiting! And you know it! You last told me in Skype, at the beginning of last month (December), that Paytoo was going to be releasing funds at the end of December 2014 and at that time, myself and “the small handful of people” would finally be paid.

      Here’s our skype convo in case you forgot:
      Vannessa Dec. 2, 2014 – Christmas time is here Todd. What’s the status on payouts??? A weekly update would be really nice and APPRECIATED!!

      Dec. 3, 2014 [7:00:30 PM] ▲Todd Hirsch: By the end of the month when Paytoo finally releases the 20% reserves they have held for 6 months
      [7:00:56 PM] ▲Todd Hirsch: that is another reason I am getting into bitcoin
      I am tired of the games the payment processors play and also the banks

      Vannessa Jan. 2, 2015 – End of Dec has pass. What’s the status on the payout Todd?
      Vannessa Jan. 5, 2015 – What does “pending contact request” mean? Did you delete me from your contacts? Seriously Todd? I just want what’s rightfully mine! $1195! Have some INTEGRITY Todd and pay me my money!

      This money is owed to me from V2 and it was not earned during or after the hackers. The withdrawal request was made on May 20, 2014 but it was earned in March. Currently, I can’t even get into my back office because for some reason, my secondary password was reset without my knowledge! This money is mine. It was earned from hard work, a lot of time away from my children and sleepless nights, promoting, promoting, promoting. Pay me my money Todd! And I WANT ALL $1195 of it!!!!

    2. January 21, 2015 at 21:36 HST
      Todd Hirsch, so basically you are telling everyone involved with RCC to suck it up & move on? What is your reasoning for shutting down RCC? People like you are the reason a large percentage of the population hate on network marketing. I shared this program with my family and friends. I am so thankful, now, that none of them wanted to sign up. I am however upset and disappointed at myself for not listening to my instincts NOT to join. I have loss over $4K in this RCCV1 Program; that only by the grace of God will I ever see any of it back. I wish no I’ll feelings toward you for what you have done. But do know this, I am a firm believer in Karma and in due time your day will come and God will pass judgement upon your wrong doings.

    3. Hi Todd, you owe me $1100 and that money was earned by hardworking, no hacker landed on my boards. Myself and team in Ghana worked it and I cycled into 2×2, Now I had $1100 and you took off the program, I need my money please!!! My username was ladyjaguar and my real name is Susana Borkor Bortier. Do you know how much work it took me to earn that money for you just to disappear and give excuses that the monies you haven’t paid out are the ones caused by hackers. Mine was never caused by hackers.

  7. This is the link for the facebook conversion a screen shot with me & todd (((( file:///C:/Users/leo/Desktop/todd%20the%20scammer.png

  8. I would like to start my comment by saying this: I earned money in the RCC programs. I didn’t make anywhere near what some of the leaders made, but yes, I did make money. I even claimed that money on my taxes. I spent it wisely and put a new kitchen in my home. But now that things are not so good with Todd’s programs, he is accusing me of starting this site, ( which I didn’t), and he is ( in my opinion) threatening me to tell everyone about me getting a new kitchen. We all know about the problem with alcohol, and I told Todd that I hope he gets help and gets himself healthy. I don’t like what is going on, and he has accused me of smearing him. I did not ever try to smear him. I simply told the truth. When I learned that BCC was dead, when people asked me, I told them what I knew. As far as RCCV2, yes, there are still some people owed money. They were told that when the payment processor paid him, that he would turn around and pay the pending withdrawals with that money. This continued for several months. Members who were owed money kept contacting me about getting it. Some told me that Todd had blocked them on facebook and skype so they could no longer contact him on their own. I am not trying to cause trouble for anyone, I only want to do the right thing.

  9. Mr. Todd Hirsch
    Is being very unfair to many people on all his marketing site’s. He should be stopped. I thought scamming people was against the law in some parts of the world ? Why has he not been arrested for any of it. This is a friend of mine and he has been asking about this for a long while now. Mohamed Farhan Nizamdeen can you please update us on bitcoin cycler Todd Hirsch and has not gotten anything back from this Todd Hirsch can he be stopped. ? Not sure how to put a picture in here i will try and hope it works.

  10. I don’t know how much of this blog is true. I have found Todd to be a decent person to work with. He used my marketing system for RCCv2 and paid me basically on time. At this point I have been owed money for about 6 months now and just last week Todd assured me that he would square up with me. I am waiting. I do know some of the people that I worked with in RCCv2 have mentioned to me they are owed money and because I have some blogs and a Facebook page that rank well for the RCC keywords I do get requests of how to get paid. Just yesterday I got a call from Hawaii. I do hope this all works out the way it should.

    1. January 21, 2015 ar 21:41 HST
      Bill Wynne, Hawai’i worked so hard to make this RCC Program a success. A lot of people who could not even afford to join, joined anyway because they believed in the program, in Todd Hirsch. And now Todd just shuts down the program and leaves everyone in the dark? You still stand by your words that he is a decent person? It’s a shame that you have ties to Todd. Now you will be associated with him always and any one who was apart of RCC and anyone that they have shared their horrible experience with will never take any of you seriously.

      1. Hi Chantel, I do understand your position and have felt the same way you do. I stopped working with Todd when I saw him abandoning RCCv2. In my history I have worked for 5 months on the corporate side of a network marketing company without pay to support the people and try to resolve issues. In RCCv2 I did provide the capture pages but was not part of the company. I did not receive any salary and any money I earned was just like anyone else. I am owed money like a number of other people.

  11. The A-team has been owed $1,400 from RCCV1 and it has been requested by the leaders numerous times. The leaders were told that the withdrawal request would be paid when Todd was paid by the processor that was holding the money. It has been months and months now. Still no payment

  12. I have had numerous experiences with Mr. Todd Hirsch. I have earned money by my own work, and cycled and my funds/requests were NEVER paid. That old saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” I know I will never see my money, so Mr Todd, saying EVERYONE that made money was paid, is a flat out LIE!! Stay away from Todd, he is a thief!

  13. I feel sorry for Lorrie and Debbie who had to basically handle a lot of the complaints and frustration of a lot of the members. They did their best to always answer my questions. I left countless messages on skype to Todd asking for updates. After reading his remarks in the Skype room, when members expressed their concerns, I realized immediately that Todd was very unprofessional and had no integrity. I seen how people whe expressed their concerns were removed out of the Skype room. I had to hold my tongue and not let my frustrations be known just so I could stay in contact. My messages to Todd was always courteous and polite in hopes that he would’nt feel threatened and replies. He replied once and that was only after asking Debbie to contact him for me. After numerous attempts to follow up with that conversation, I found that he had deleted me from his contacts. Thank you for letting me know about this room! I hope that Todd will come to his senses real soon. I want my $1195!

  14. Todd Hirschs’ recent resume:

    Rocket Cash Cycler v1 = FAILED

    Rocket Cash Cycler v2 = FAILED

    Bidify = FAILED

    Cloud 2X2 = FAILED

    Bitcoin Cycler = FAILED

    So, the moral of the story is:

    If you have money to burn and time to waste, join Todd Hirschs’ latest program.

  15. Todd is at it again with his new MyAdCubes or MAC for short. He is not going to stop taking money from people the easy way.

    Stay out of anything with Todd in it is my warning. A man without honesty and integrity is a dangerous person to trust with your hard earned cash.

  16. I will be contacting my lawyer today and we will file a case against the owner of this blog if it is not taken down in the next few days. This post is full of lies and sad people. This is a promise.

  17. To whom it may concern, I also was scammed by Todd when I joined rcc1. He owes me in the neighborhood of $4000.00. What everyone else wrote about him is true, he is a fraud.

  18. Todd bailed on RCCv1 and now the software that was suppose to keep working and the success library are all offline. So much for purchasing things that are suppose to be a one-time license.

    I guess once the money dries you turn everything off despite the good words and promises.

  19. Will you be calling your attorney while sitting in your underwear and admiring your Rolex watch? Maybe he can help you with the class action suit that will be filed against you for your thievery.

  20. The owner(s) of this blog(s) that is too scared to reveal themselves has been sent a letter from my lawyer. There will never be a class action suit against me because NOBODY is owed a penny and I paid out over $7.4 million USD to the members in my cyclers. Yes, they do not last forever but negative people do not either.

  21. It should tell you something when the owner of this blog is attempting to hide themselves, but I am out in the open and I stand behind everything I have accomplished. I also stand with all the people I have helped in the network marketing industry.

    1. Todd Hirsch is fucking thief, he scam people now in MAC, my ad cubes, many people lost money. Todd you are idiot if think that people trust you next time. Me and friends making now, 100 blogs about you are fucking thief, all the world will be know that you are scammer!!!

  22. I do not know what you have to be a man , so to the rob people . Once again Todd cheated the people in MyAdCubes . You’re a bad man Todd , evil will come back to you, and we do not step down , the whole internet to find out , no one does not rob !!!

  23. Todd Hirsch is a THIEF, he cheated now people in MY AD CUBES, people please don’t trust him if want to save money. He blocked everyone on facebook, the family also don’t answear, and also live from rubbed money! People are trying now to inform Police department about it! He must spent rest of life in prison!

  24. I have also talking on facebook, where Todd said that he don’t have money in My Ad Cubes and is waiting for new members to get paid! He said then also that is PONZI scheme, what is illegal, so it’s good arguments for police to put him to prison!

    1. With a warrant out for his arrest, if he tries to come back into the United States they will pick him up in customs. The saddest thing is the example that he is setting for his daughter.

  25. What a damn shame!!! When I joined RCCv1, I knew nothing about MLM. I was just an unemployed girl looking to make some good money online to help myself and my family. I joined a team with a so called Pastor Lofton, and this was the biggest mistake of my life. This phony Pastor stated that he would help me because I explained to him that I know nothing about the MLM business. He didn’t help me what so ever. I put in a total of 1k plus into his that I borrowed from people, of course! Lo and behold, nothing happened. I was left high and dry, and while I was in the Skype Room for RCCv1, I got to see a lot of sheisty characters. I met a Kent Brown and his fiancee at the time Kaye. They seemed nice, but I realized that behind the scenes they were basically trying to buy other people’s rockets from them for dirt cheap. The list is endless!! Facing eviction, I left the group on Skype and decided to disassociate myself. I wish I had listened to my gut at the time, but I didn’t. Thankfully, I was able to somehow bounce back – but that year was a rough one for me that I will never forget.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this man will not be giving you a dime back. Why do you think he resides overseas? So he can do the types of things he does and gets away with it. I pray that each and everyone of you that have lost something with RCCv1 will gain it all back 10 fold by other means. Waiting around on this greedy punk will leave you frustrated!!

    Thanks for this blog.

  26. That what this laier put on his facebook page yesterday,
    its a BIG LIE – he never paid out any money to people from MAC:

    Want to let everyone know that I am OK! I took my fb page down because there are 2 people posting lies and bullshit on my wall. Anyone that has ANY business related things to talk to me about needs to email me or skype me.. Todd_candy is my main skype account. Short story.. I own a profit sharing online advertising company. I spent over $15,000 on the programming alone. Long story short is.. There are maybe 500 or so other such programs online at any given time. New ones pop up and others die on the daily. Most smart rational people that join these companies KNOW this and they know it is a risky endeavor. Many are in 5-10 of them at the same time to spread out the risk. What is the risk?? The risk is you can lose your money in them as the programs profits slow down. Yes some of the owners also can and close them and keep money wrongly. I am being accussed of that. BUT the TRUTH is I paid out over 95% of the company profits to the members. The program never picked up steam or moumtium as we say in the industry. We did not get the big team builders in. Many things effect this. Timing.. The market, payment gateways, and even luck. NOW … Would i spend $15k of my own money to create somthing to fail??? To quote ” run with the money”??? Does that make sense?? I put my name on it. No ammount of $can make me steal from my members!!!!! Truth is I actually lost money on this project and time. Many did profit in the company and some did lose some advertising dollars but Everyone recieved the advertising they paid for. People think these programs are magic money machines. Funny thing also is.. It is the guys that lose $50-$100 that cry SCAM the loudest and the big dogs that might lose $5k++ move on and don’t cry.. They know the risks.
    Anyways this is actually a LONG version.. I for one wanted the company to be a huge success and bless the industry more than anyone. Moving on I still own the code and I am tweaking… Modifying… Talking to real leadersin this space about what they want to see in a high quality rev share. So.. Anyways.. That is my side and I don’t care if people call me names.. The real leaders in the industry and people that really know me…. Know who I really am. Peace.

    1. There are people from past companies that are still not paid from Todd Tomek. Until he makes a change on the way he respects people he needs to be shut down and people need to be aware of the tactics used.

  27. I want to address this message to the Admin.
    Todd died couple days ago due to heart attack and in respect to his family he left behind esp to our daughter who is only 4 years old, I want to ask to the admin of this site if you can delete this and any articles about Todd Hirsch.I want our daughter to have a good memories about her dad.I will appreciate if you can do this in favor to our daughter Angelica.Thank you.

    1. Hi Kandi,
      Sorry to hear that Todd has passed away. We do hope that he set his affairs in order. We certainly appreciate your intention to have your daughter remember her father in a positive light and we are sure that he gave her those times. At the same time history is recorded so that we may not repeat it. Upon researching Todd’s name online since we last looked it appears he continued to be up to no good and seek to intentionally hurt people by running shady business models. We are shocked to read the news on the provided websites. We also know that there are people that Todd owed thousands of dollars and it would be a disservice to those people to erase it as if it never happened. We don’t know you and this article and the links below do not reflect upon you, your daughter or Todd’s family. He made his own choices.

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